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The Tasting Room specializes in affordable, high quality wines. Some wine from our stock is bound to compliment any occasion, and our job is to make your wine selection fun. In our warm, relaxed and comfortable setting, you will find our expert and helpful advice, and our outstanding selection of unique and superb wines, just what you hoped you'd find. This is the route to being comfortable with your decisions, and coming away with the product which is just right for you.

Wine Hobby...Not Snobby! Too many people are confused or intimidated by their options. That's where The Tasting Room comes in. Specializing in wines from $10 to $25, you’ll get personal assistance to help you make some sense out of the flavors and tastes. No pressure, no unintelligible wine-speak, and perhaps a wine taste or two to help simplify the process. You can actually enjoy picking out wines and reading wine lists- without morphing into the dreaded "wine snob".

Our Wine inventory is constantly evolving and changing...that's a big part of the fun! Here are some wine regions that we enjoy showcasing:

  1. California new world wines
  2. Washington State new world wines
  3. Australian new world wines
  4. Argentina wines
  5. Peruvian wines
  6. New Zealand
  7. Italian old world wines
  8. French old world wines featuring the Rhone Valley
  9. German old world wines
  10. Wisconsin... Stones Throw Winery

Special Ports, Spirits and libations: Various Single Scotch Whisky, Various Ports from Tawny & Vintage to Ruby & Character, Blanton's Single Barrel Bourbon, Michters Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey, Diego Santa Tequila, Corzo Tequila, Queen Tamara Armenian Brandy

Tasting Room of Monona

6000 Monona Drive Suite 103
Monona, WI 53716

(608) 223-1641

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